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Maintenance Support Services


Once you have a website on-line, it is crucial to keep that web presence up-to-date, fresh and running smoothly. Information needs to be updated, e-mail addresses need to be revised, external links need to be changed. The internet is constantly growing and progressing. Likewise, your website should reflect you and your company's growth and progress. We offer three packages to suit your individual needs: Basic, Silver and Gold. All packages are paid quarterly in advance.

All Maintenance Packages include:

Link Verification Monthly website accuracy checks that include the verification of all internal and external links. You will be informed if there are any errors, and the link will be disabled until you supply us with the new information or decide to delete the link. This check insures the accuracy of your site, thereby making sure those visitors to your website will NOT encounter 404-error notices.
Content Changes Changes to dates, contacts, graphics, and images as well as minor additions or deletions to the contents as is necessary. The amount of these edits varies according to your choice of website Maintenance Package. All billing is done in 15 minute increments, so submitting all your edits at the same time is your most economical option.
Annual Search Engine Assessment Annual search engine assessment is included in annual contracts. A Search Engine Assessment includes the replacement of keywords and meta tags as necessary and the subsequent re-submission to the top free search engines. It is suggested that an analysis of your annual website statistics be done to determine the need for any meta tag changes.



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